What’s a Kryptonizer?

A Kryptonizer makes passwords more secure in the daily life and protects personal data in the digital space. As a keychain this tool is always on the spot and provides an attractive space for your advertising messages and logos.

  • Serves as a learning tool to practise cryptic passwords
  • Translates every word into a cryptic password
  • Increases the security of passwords through a range of characters

And that’s how it works:


Every Kryptonizer is provided with an individual translator code.

Very often the access to personal data is made far too easy for password hackers. The reason is obvious: most of the time passwords we can remember are not very cryptic, but orient around popular names, words and numbers like “Claudia” or “Administrator”. With the help of the right computer these passwords can be hacked very quickly. So they demonstrate a significant security gap.

The Kryptonizer makes this omnipresent problem a subject in a playful way and sensitises the user for a more conscious handling with passwords.

When generating our Krypto passwords we use a range of 66 characters per space. We recommend to use at least 12-digit passwords. In general it can be said that: The longer the password and the larger the original range of characters, the better.

So therefore please only generate one Krypto password with this product andchange it in case of a loss. The Kryptonizer is a helping tool to playfully learn about Krypto passwords. The method demonstrated here can be transformed and varied as required.