As An Advertising MEdium

Besides being an educational give- away the Kryptonizer is also an exciting icebraker at events and trade fairs. As an advertising medium the Kryptonizer invites you to a playful exchange about the issue of data protection and sensitises the user for a more conscious handling with passwords.

Individualise the attractive space of Kryptonizer and Carrier Card with your message!

The user utilises the Kryptonizer on a regular basis for password entries and always carries it with him/ her as a keychain: THAT IS DEFINITELY YOUR SAFEST WAY TO ADVERTISE!

Your Advantages

  • Educational advertising medium with a connection between product and user
  • Enhances communication at trade fairs and events
  • Individualisation of keychain and carrier card even in small print runs
  • Low weight and therefore low shipping costs for postal customer care
  • Extended durability through protective foil sealing
  • Made in Germany



Keychain with individual code and large advertising space for your individual design.
Horizontal or vertical version available.

Dimensions: 54 x 28,4 mm
Material: multilayered PVC (0,76mm)

Carrier Card

Individualised (vertical or horizontal) folding card with a description about the Kryptonizer on the inside.
The Kryptonizer is positioned on the card after your requirements.

Dimensions: 55 x 85mm (closed)
Material: 300g/m² photo print (matte finished or as desired)
Colour: 4/4-coloured (Euroscale)


Increases the worth of the advertising medium.

Material: High-gloss plastic bag
On request ecological bags deliverable.

Advertising material

High quality advertising medium with call-to-act long-term customer loyalty.